Welcome to Whales Alive

Whales Alive is a Pacific based, non-profit organisation dedicated to the protection and celebration of Whales and their fragile marine habitat.

Our offices in Australia, Tonga and Hawaii are working in a number of different areas on behalf of the whales. Through education, training and vital research we are working to educate people about the whales fascinating natural history and what threatens their survival.

What is Whales Alive?

Whales Alive acts as a bridge between current marine mammal research and the community in Australia and the Pacific region. We:

  • provide specialised training for marine guides working in the whale watching industry
  • provide technical advice on marine mammal conservation and management issues to Governments and industry
  • assist the development of regional and international whale sanctuaries
  • deliver marine mammal education programs to the general public and schools
  • Whales Alive is not a member organisation and is funded only by grants and donations

The Whales Alive Youth (WAY) Marine Program is a seven-month marine education and personal development program for young adults, which culminates in a rite of passage at sea on board the Oceania Projects' Whale Research Expedition in Hervey Bay. The program, which fosters conservation of the marine environment and confidence through marine based challenges such as sail training, kayaking, and surf safety, requires the young participants to fundraise their fares locally.

What do we do in the South Pacific?

Whales Alive has been working in the South Pacific for the sustainable development of whale watching nature tourism, and the development of national and regional whale sanctuaries. This work is largely in partnership with regional governments, IFAW (the International Fund For Animal Welfare) and SPREP (South Pacific Regional Environment Programme) under the framework of the RMMCP (Regional Marine Mammal Conservation Prorgamme).

Whales Alive have assisted Governments in Niue, Vanuatu, and Samoa to develop legislation for national whale sanctuaries which now cover 12 million square km of Pacific Ocean.

Whales Alive facilitates workshops for Government and industry in Tonga, Niue, Vanuatu an Samoa to develop guidelines for interactions with marine mammals. These workshops have identified research priorities and developed action plans for legal framework to protect marine mammals.

Whales Alive trainers have developed an ongoing education and outreach program as well as an operator and guide training program in Tonga. Whale presentations are toured to schools and villages throughout the island group to promote whale watching as an economic alternative to whaling and the need to preserve Tonga's fragile population of migratory whales.

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