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Whales Alive Activity Book 






The Whales Alive Activity Book is a 18 page booklet filled with fun whale facts and activities for school aged children.  It includes connect the dot picture puzzles, word finds, matching exercises, mazes, quizzes, fill in the blank paragraphs and colouring pages.  Activity books are available in any quantity from Whales Alive and all proceeds go directly to funding our research programs. 





Whales Alive Schools Program 

Whales Alive has a comprehensive education program for primary and high school classes.  Our programs are presented by professionals who work in the whale and dolphin research industry.  Since 1992 our unique schools program has taught many young people and promoted environmental awareness and appreciation.  We believe through education and awareness, our natural environment can be protected and conserved for future generations. 

We are proud to offer our new and improved programs for both school and community groups. 

Each of our programs emphasizes how fascinating whales and dolphins are and has strong conservation messages.  The programs are designed to complement NSW school science curriculums.  Our program is not only of interest to Australian schools, but also international schools and community groups.

Our programs provide:

-        A comprehensive outline of whale and dolphin biology, natural history and biology

-        How to identify different species of whales and dolphins

-        Introduction to marine ecology and food webs (interconnectedness of species)

-        Conservation and environmental issues

We have two classroom programs available throughout the year; ‘The Life of Whales’ and ‘The World of Whales’.

Program Outlines

Program Outline



The Life of Whales

-        Biology of whales & dolphins

-        Life history

-        Behaviour & ecology

-        Conservation Issues

**This program is also available as a field excursion – see below for details


45-90mins  (can depend on time allocated by teachers)

$4 per student for 45mins

$8 per student for 90mins


The World of Whales

-        Smallest to the largest creatures on Earth

-        Marine food web & ecosystems

-        Interesting marine creatures

45-90mins (can depend on time allocated by teachers)

$4 per student

$8 per student for 90mins



  • We also offer special group bookings for tour and community groups for the above classroom programs.  Please contact us for further information at e-mail

We have developed a number of activity sheets for school groups to complement our programs.  Teachers will receive a copy of these activity sheets following the booking process and on request. 

The Life of Whales Field Excursion

We have incorporated our Life of Whales program into a unique field excursion for high school students where they may be lucky to encounter a whale or dolphin in their natural environment.  In addition to our program, students will learn how to cooperate and work as a team together.

The Life of Whales field excursion is offered in association with our tour partners; GoSea Kayaks in Byron Bay.  This exclusive field excursion is only offered from April through to October.  We are offering it at a special ½ price for school groups.  The excursion program is also available for interested tour and community groups.


Field Excursion Program Outline



The Life of Whales

-        Biology of whales & dolphins

-        Life history

-        Behaviour & ecology

-        Conservation Issues

Kayaking techniques & safety

180mins  (half-day)

$35 per student (school groups only)


$70 per person (Tour & Community groups)


 To make a booking or an enquiry regarding our education programs please e-mail us at:

Ph: +61 (0)40888 4999


Educational Resources

Whales Alive has put together a selection of resource materials here including information and work sheets, quizzes and games for school students and teachers. Explore the links below and if you need anything in particular then drop us an email.

Here are a few links to other whale information sites with educational material. Below are a selection of games and puzzles and worksheets about whales in PDF format to download. Right click to download or open and save the PDF.

An excellent educational resource for teachers is Barbara Todd's 'The World of Whales' Whale Net Educational Resources and Links To download sounds, songs and vocalisations of many different cetacean species go to

Primary Schools

Whale quiz - True or False 2 page PDF with questions and answers
Baleen whale - label the whale's body parts
Test your knowledge - colouring in Page 1 + page 2
Creatures of the sea - worksheet
Whale wonder words - find the words puzzle

High Schools

Whales & Dolphins - Year 10 exercise 2 page PDF
Humpback whale facts
The Antarctic food web
Whale quiz


Effect of cigarette butt pollution
Dolphin Care Code
Marine Pollution Facts

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