Surfers For Cetaceans

Surfers For Cetaceans was co-founded by professional surfer Dave Rastovich and ocean artist/activist Howie Cooke in 2004. The group was formed to mobilise surfers and the surf media against whaling and dolphin kills. As S4C established itself in the conservation world, it became apparent that more was needed from the group, and that simply informing the surfing community was not bringing enough results.

The Oceania Project

The Oceania Project was established in 1988 as a scientific, charitable and public institution for the advancement of community education in the field of Cetacea (Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises) and the Ocean Environment. The principal purpose of The Oceania Project is the protection and enhancement of Cetacea and the Ocean Environment through carrying out research, providing education and disseminating information.

Wild About Whales

Wild About Whales is a great website that provides information on everything to do with whales - whale facts, watching, conservation, photos and news.  This is a program that is affiliated with the New South Whales National Parks and Wildlife Service.


IFAW (International Fund for Animal Webfare) is widely recognized as a driving force for whale conservation and the growth and development of responsible whale watching worldwide.






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